Natural Mineral Enzyme

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▶Frequency(7.5Hz) transcribed supplement - Detox and Relax the Brain

Dietary supplement

Natural Mineral Enzyme is a dietary supplement that provides minerals, enzymes, and amino acids.


This supplement contains all that the body needs for healthy living.

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Main Ingredients

Complex Minerals
Complex active enzyme
Coral calcium


The function of complex-minerals as the most important nutrient:

Enzymes have a major role in various life activities.


Three major nutrients - protein, carbohydrate and fat - from food are broken down by different digestive enzymes each separately and converted into body tissues and energy, however, digestive enzymes cannot be made or does not work without the help of minerals.


Digestive enzymes are made of minerals and proteins (essential amino acids).
Vitamins also do not work properly without the help of minerals. (minerals are known as key resources for producing as many as 2000 kinds of enzymes)


Thus, lacking minerals causes deficiency of vitamins and internal enzymes, lead to lowering immune system and natural human healing power. This will eventually lead to having poor health and sickness.


Symptoms of lacking minerals includes feeling frustrated, easily agitated, decline of concentration, depression and irritability.


Activities of daily living consumes minerals, thus providing sufficient amount of minerals daily and producing internal enzymes regularly is the most important for living healthy.


United States government states that consuming at least 45 types of minerals is necessary in order for keeping a good health. Lacking any could cause sickness, poor health and shorting lifespan. (reference: Dietary Goals of the United States/McGovern Report)


This product contains 78 types of minerals with 18 types of complex active enzymes and amino acid from organic brown rice. Taking minerals and enzymes together is a very efficient for enhancing body vitality.


This supplement contains all that the body needs for healthy living.

What's in it?

I. Complex Minerals


Minerals in this product is ionized.
Minerals intake ratio for human body from normal foods is around 10%, however, ionized minerals are fully absorbable.


1: Minerals are the base for producing enzymes(over 2000 types) in the body.

2: Revitalizes vitamins and enhances body function.

3: Binds to Reactive Oxygen Species(ROS) to detoxifying.

4: Neutralizes and detoxifies by binding to harmful chemicals.

5: Helps reducing stress, balancing nervous system, and improves daily activities.



II. Complex active enzyme


This complex-active-enzyme is produced by organic (pesticide-free) brown rice.
Unique producing method includes fermenting brown rice twice by using lactic acid bacteria and yeast.


Enzyme with combination of lactic acid bacteria and yeast including 18 types of amino acid work together to improve body functions.



III. Coral calcium


It works with Hydrogen inside the body and neutralize ROS activity.

Giving an electron to Hydrogen to make Hydride ion which is not only a strong antioxidant but also helps repairing cell tissues.

It also helps enhance liver detoxification function.

List of minerals:

Analysis results by Weber State University, USA

Following list of minerals are found in this product in all-natural forms.


Frequency - Detoxing from the Brain

Frequency is transcribed


IMEDIS's electromagnetic therapy device passes frequency(7.5Hz) into the product.

This process is called Bioresonance Therapy.


Bioresonance therapy (BRT) is the correction of body's functions under influence of electromagnetic oscillations of strictly determined parameters, similarly to camerton(tuning fork) replying to certain frequency spectrum of acoustic wave.


Taking Mineral Enzyme with frequency transcribed, a similar effect occurs to the brain.





7.5Hz is a brain wave length of a new born baby. It is also similar wave length as Schumann Waves (Schumann Resonances - SR) which are a set of spectrum peaks in the extremely low frequency (ELF) portion of the Earth's electromagnetic field spectrum.


This frequency is known to restore the brain to its original relaxed state by promoting the functions of the "pineal gland" and "hypothalamus".




"Today, the pineal is recognized as playing a major role in every aspect of human function.
It acts as the 'regulator of regulators.'
Aside from its documented effects on reproductive function, growth, body temperature, blood pressure, motor activity, sleep, tumor growth, mood, and the immune system, it also seems to be a factor in longevity."
-Jacob Liberman, OD, PhD, D Sc.

Supplement Facts


This product is made by a pharmaceutical company under the strict manufacturing process in JAPAN.

Manufactured using all natural ingredients. No artificial ingredients added.


Keep out of the reach of children.

Keep the zipper seal tight, away from heat, moisture and direct light.

Price of the product

JPY 9,720 (tax included)


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