Immune Booster

▶ Support your immune system

▶ Make you body and mind strong from infections.

▶ Detox and Relax the Brain from stress

If you are ...

● Afraid of virus infection...

● Stressed-out from the COVID-19 pandemic...

● Looking for the best infection-prevention item...


We recommend "Immune Booster" Remedy


Viruses and Bacteria

It is very important to strengthen and boost your immune system during the COVID-19 pandemic.


We are exposed (inhaling/touching) to various viruses and bacteria everyday, however, our body maintains healthy because the body's immune system fights against them from infecting.

Cause of weakening Immune System

A lot of 'Stress' causes Brain fatigue and physical fatigue, and eventually leading to the immune system to weaken, thus body loses the battle against infectious diseases and become ill.


-Prevent Brain fatigue from stress
-Keep the Autonomic Nervous System (includes Immune System) in good condition
are essential for the prevention for infectious diseases.


Of course, good nutrition(food), sleep and exercise are necessary for keeping the body to function correctly.

How Immune Booster works?

▶Support improving Immune System by
①Reducing stress response in the Brain
②Clearing Brain function especially Autonomic Nervous System.


▶Support for suppression and detoxification of viral infections


Remedy is 3mm diameter sucrose pills


-Sucrose(Certified Organic - European Commission)
-Purified Water




Serving Size:
3 pills (3 sugar balls)


Servings Per Container:
About 5 weeks.


Expiration Date:
60 days from the manufactured date.
Manufacture date is written at the back of remedy case.

What is Remedy (sugar ball remedy)?

The remedy is granular sucrose such as in the picture below.
In this granular sucrose, we can copy the information of various kinds of frequencies.



The principle is similar to that of a musical CD. The data is copied to CD and we can listen to the same music on many CD’s.



Remedy is taken sublingually (placing it underneath the tongue to dissolve) and the copied frequency will expand inside the body so that the brain will catch the information. By enhancing the healing capacity, the remedy will treat the body by conditioning the body.

What is the copying of the frequency?

The copying of frequency to the remedy is done by using IMEDIS-EXPERT-T, the frequency resonance inspection device. IMEDIS-EXPERT-T is the certificated medical device in Russia and the EU.
By using this device, the various information of frequencies beneficial for various kinds of treatments is studied now.



Many kinds of remedies are sold recently however, the IMEDIS-EXPERT-T is the rare device to be able to copy the frequency directly to remedy.


Moreover, some world-famous remedies made by IMEDIS-EXPERT-T are now being sold around not only in Japan but world-wide.


Keep out of the reach of children.

Keep the zipper seal tight, away from heat, moisture and electric appliances.

Price of the product

JPY 8,640 (tax included)


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